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Whit Daniel Leather

Handcrafted and handmade leather bags, messenger bags, wallets, and totes.

About Us

Handcrafted, handmade leather goods

Leather Yeti Wrap, custom leather accessories, leather wrap for yeti cups, comes with monogram.

  All of our handcrafted and handmade leather bags, leather wallets, leather purses are cut by hand, punched by hand and stitched by hand. All of our leather products are handmade and stitched using a saddle stitch with waxed cord and thread which means the stitches will last a life time. We design and make custom leather accessories of all kinds. Above is a leather Yeti Wrap for large Yeti cups. Thanks for shopping with us. Remember to check often, we add new products every week.

great leather goods

We make custom leather bags, cross body bags, mens wallets, ladies wallets. We also have great leather totes in two different sizes. We have a great line of leather accessories. Available for Pop-Up events featuring men's and women's leather accessories.

Visit our store, we are adding new products almost daily.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All work and supplies are purchased in

    the USA, which means every dollar spent on your purchase stays in the USA. We use

    oil tanned leather, vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leather in our handcrafted,

    handmade leather products. We also design and make custom leather handbags, purses, organizers, planners, notebook covers, totes, and leather wallets.

Our History

How we began

Whit Daniel Leather began in 2010 when one man heard his wife musing aloud (well, actually she may have been venting rather heatedly) that she wished she could find a bag that didn’t look like the totes and purses that “everyone else” had, and that could withstand the day to day wear and tear that she inevitably would inflict upon it.  She wanted something that could handle being used to carry books, bottles of perfume, her iPad, sometimes her lunch, a sweater, and usually a bottle of water or two.  She wanted something that would hold up to the whirlwind of her life - without the stitching coming apart and without the “leather” peeling or cracking.  What was up with that anyway?  She showed him the bag that she had purchased just a few months ago from a very well-known company (a label worn by the current first lady) which had been a little pricey, but she justified the expense because she was sure it would last for years.  Sadly, one of the ends of the shoulder strap of the aforementioned bag was no longer attached to the body and it appeared that the stitching had come undone.  Unfortunately, this event had occurred as she was trying to cross a parking lot in the rain, an umbrella in one hand and coffee in the other, trying to find the keys to her classroom while simultaneously dodging the traffic of the carpool line.  (Did we mention that she’s a teacher?) When the bag broke, all of its contents fell onto the wet pavement…lunch, iPad, papers graded the previous night, the book she was reading with her class, and a bottle of Jo Malone cologne that she knew she should have left at home but threw in the bag anyway because it made her feel good to be able to spritz it on when she felt frazzled.  It would be a few hours later before she would be able to turn her attention to her broken bag, but when she did she realized that it appeared to be peeling apart in some places, one of which being where the stitches had broken, and dumped her life quite unceremoniously into the yuck of a wet parking lot in the middle of January right before seven o’clock in the morning.  

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