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Whit Daniel Leather

Handcrafted and handmade leather bags, messenger bags, wallets, and totes.

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Leather Wallets, clutches and Passport covers

Handcrafted, handmade leather goods that will last a lifetime…and that will become more beautiful over time.

Our leather passport cover, handbags, cross-body bags, leather iPhone wallet and leather clutches are made from oil tanned with braided thread and all edges are finished with a burnish, dye or edge paint.  All of our leather products are stitched using a saddle stitch with waxed braided thread/cord which means the stitches will last a life time. 

Oil-tanned leather is buttery, soft and durable; the result of a variety of oils being added during the tanning process. Oil-tanned leather is water resistant, wrinkle resistant and very strong yet soft to the touch, which makes it the perfect material for the bodies of the majority of our bags and purses and many men’s and women’s accessories.

Over time, the leather will become shiny and smooth, particularly in the spots that are worn next to your body. The oil-tanned leather we use is made in Springfield, Missouri. We use oil-tanned leather in our Cross-body bags, wallets, key chains, men’s and women’s accessories and slender tote among other products.

We select our materials with great care and use them in ways that ensure optimal performance that will last a lifetime.

Our handcrafted leather goods start with the best possible raw materials. We use only the highest quality U.S. sourced leather.

To purchase our handcrafted leather wallet head over to AmberDear Styling located at     700 North Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587. Phone 919-665-1735. 

We use oil tanned leather, vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leather to make wallets and the ladies clutch.

Handcrafted leather wallets, clutches, cross-body bags. Bespoke leather goods from North Carolina.

Handcrafted leather wallets, clutches, cross-body bags. Bespoke leather goods from North Carolina.