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Raleigh, North Carolina

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Whit Daniel Leather

Leather bags, leather crossbody bags, wallets, and leather totes.

Leather Handbags, shoulder bags and crossbody bags

leather handbags and leather crossbody bags

Whit Daniel Leather goods are designed to last a lifetime…and the design process will insure your leather accessory or leather bag will become more beautiful over time.

 All of our handcrafted leather handbags, leather crossbody bags, leather wallets, leather purses, leather crossbody purse are cut by hand, punched by hand and stitched by hand. All of our leather products are stitched using a saddle stitch with waxed braided thread which means the stitches will last a life time. All work and supplies are purchased in the USA, which means every dollar spent on your purchase stays in the US. We use oil tanned leather, vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leather in our handcrafted,  handmade leather products.

Each of our leather bags, leather wallets, leather purses, and leather organizers uses leather which has been personally selected, cut by hand, punched by hand. That might not mean anything to you, but it should. It means that each hole that you see a stitch in actually had to be punched in the leather with a tool before it could even begin to be stitched by hand with waxed braided thread that enters the hole from both sides and is then knotted. Every single stitch in every single one of our products is made with this level of attention to detail which means that with the proper care, the stitches will last a life time - and maybe more than one!

To purchase any of our products locally in North Carolina, head over to Amber Dear Styling in Wake Forest, North Carolina. The address is 700 N Main St, Wake Forest, NC 27587. The web address for Amber Dear Styling is ( here. We stock a large assortment of leather wallets, crossbody bags, leather purses and other leather accessories in local brick and mortar establishments.


Contact us for pop-up events

Phone or email for pop-up events

If you can’t find what you are looking for drop us a line! We welcome custom orders and are adding new items to our store almost daily. We are available for pop-up events within the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We'll bring our baskets of leather goodness to your special event, we'll setup shop and bring enough leather bags, wallets and clutches for both men and women.

Leather accessories for men and women, setting up shop around Raleigh and the greater triangle area.

Leather accessories for men and women, setting up shop around Raleigh and the greater triangle area.